Due to the current situation of covid 19 The Gurkha East Grinstead is closed, we are only operating from Gurkha Woodcock Felbridge.


We bring the taste of the himalayas from the mountainous kingdom of Nepal, which is also home to earth's highest mountain Mount Everest, bordering Tibet in the north and India on its southern foothills.

Nepal has many geographical regions and this is reflected in the preparation of food, which varies from region to region.

Our venues have been beautifully renovated and refurbished throughout, revealing a light, contemporary and smart interior.

Whether you are visiting The Gurkha for lunch, dinner or Take away, you are assured of the warmest welcome and the service you deserve.

Nepalise Cuisine combines a range of ingredients, techniques and characteristics from its neighboring countrie,s with its own gastronomic history.

Set against the backdrop of the Himalayas, the people of Nepal have many different backgrounds and ethnicities, and this multitude of influences is reflected within the country‚Äôs cuisine. Nepalese dishes are generally healthier than most other South Asian cuisine, relying less on using fats and more on chunky vegetables, lean meats, pickled ingredients and salads. Whilst Nepal does take heavy influences from its closest geographical companions such as IndiaChina and Tibet.

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Our Cuisine